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Why are we here?

“You have cancer.” These are among the most feared and emotionally devastating words to hear.  For cancer patients, their diagnosis triggers worry about what their lives will be like, how their families will be affected and what kind of future they can anticipate.   


Imagine that stress being amplified by the additional worry of how to pay for treatment.  Even for insured patients, copays, deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses can greatly strain household finances. Some patients also experience income loss if they are unable to remain fully employed while in treatment.  At the same time, everyday living expenses continue to mount.


This financial stress associated with cancer treatment is referred to “financial toxicity”.  According to the National Cancer Institute, studies have found patients who experience financial toxicity report higher levels of depression and lower overall quality of life. Some even fail to fill prescriptions or they take their prescribed medication in smaller doses or at less frequent intervals in order to save money. Imagine feeling like you must choose between paying for prescriptions and paying your rent.

How do we help?

The VCS Cancer Foundation supports cancer patients in Northern Virginia struggling with everyday living expenses so that they can focus on their health and well-being, not their finances.  We provide financial assistance for non-medical expenses while patients are receiving active cancer treatment.  We strive to give cancer patients some peace of mind by reducing the adverse effects associated with financial toxicity.  

Financial Assistance



We provide financial assistance for non-medical expenses to cancer patients who currently receive active treatment in the Northern Virginia area. By providing some financial relief, we hope to reduce patients’ stress levels and allow them to focus more fully on their treatment and recovery.  

Rainy Day Gifts

Our Rainy Day Gifts program is designed to help cancer patients in active treatment with their non-medical, everyday living expenses.  These gifts may be used to pay for housing expenses and utility bills, transportation and gas, and food.  Our support is intended to provide these patients with some peace of mind so they can focus on healing.


Click here for the Rainy Day Gift guidelines.

The VCS Cancer Foundation strives to reduce cancer patients’ emotional stress and enhance their well-being by providing needed financial assistance and other support so they may focus on their treatment and recovery.

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The VCS Cancer Foundation is a Northern Virginia based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the overall wellness of cancer patients.

We Need Your Support Today!


“We want them to focus on their treatment and recovery, not their overdue electric bill. Our goal is to provide some stress relief during what is likely one of the most stressful times in their lives.” 


— Joan Spira, President, VCS Cancer Foundation

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