Observations from Oncology Social Workers

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

"As an Oncology Social Worker, I see the challenges that patients and families face emotionally throughout the process of being diagnosed with cancer, while undergoing treatment, and into survivorship. In meeting with our patients, I learn of the additional stressors that patients and families deal with, which may include minimal social support or limited financial resources. Unexpected loss of income due to not being able to work and increased medical expenses can make it difficult for patients to make ends meet. As a social worker, I look at the strengths and needs of a patient/family and how to best access resources that might make things easier. The financial burden associated with a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Financial support can help lessen the worries that our patients have, allowing them to focus on developing emotional strength to get them through."

- Tracy Tierney, LCSW

Oncology Social Worker

"Cancer presents many challenges to patients and their families including financial stressors that impact the health and well being of these families. Having to decide between paying for medical treatments and the basic needs of a family are complex and one should have to make these choices."

- Saundra Weller, LCSW

Oncology Social Worker

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